Reaffirmation / Renewal

Each Accredited DMC will receive a notice in July with instructions of how to file the annual Reaffirmation form or Renewal form, whichever is appropriate for the individual company's accreditation schedule.

An Accredited DMC will pay an annual maintenance fee of $125/year for the 2nd and 3rd year of their accreditation cycle. These fees will be submitted with the Reaffirmation Form and required documents.

After three years have been completed, an Accredited DMC will have to renew their accreditation.  There is a separate renewal application which emphasizes the documentation that the DMC is still in compliance with all current standards.

Annual Reaffirmation Deadline:

  • 1 December

Annual Reaffirmation Form

The Annual Reaffirmation online form will be available here in July. ADMCs in the second and third year of their accreditation cycle must file this form and submit the supporting documentation by emailing it to with the name of the company in the subject:  Documents for ADMC Reaffirmation for ABC DMC.

Annual Renewal Form

The Annual Renewal online form is for companies that have reaffirmed for two years will have to submit updated documentation after three years. It will be available here in July.  Supporting documentation for the renewal form can be submitted by emailing it to with name of the company in the subject:  Documents for ADMC Renewal for ABC DMC.